To realise double pulse field evaporation, pump-probe setup was used. The probe pulse ( wavelength of 397nm) is focused onto the apex of the tip sample. The pump pulse is a HV pulse generated by photoconductive switching induced by the fundamental wavelength of 794nm. The optical delay line precisely (sub-ps precision) controls the synchronization between the pump and the probe pulse.

P is polarizer, [math]\lambda/2[/math] is half-wave plate, NLC: Non-linear crystal, HV: positive/negative high voltage power supply, EO: home-made HV pulse generator, TL: equivalent schematic diagram of the transmitting system.


Double pulses evaporation

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Zhao L, Normand A, Houard J, et al. Optimizing Atom Probe analysis with synchronous laser pulsing and voltage pulsing[J], Microscopy&Microanalysis,2016.

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