Atom Probe Tomography (APT) – at GPM

From the first post (Atom Probe Tomography(APT)- A brief history), we have known that the GPM laboratory play an importante role in the developpement of atom probe.

Atom Probe at GPM

GPM, is an abbreviation of the laboratory “Groupe de Physique des Matériaux” which is located in Rouen, France.  its website is in french). The laboratory is well known in the field of scientifique instrument because of the inventaion of atom probe tomography and the application of femtosecond laser assisted atom probe.  And these instruments and their research resultats have commercialised by CAMECA, which has been acquired by Ametek in 2007.

Now, there are two local electrode atom probe(electrical mode AP), two laser assisted atom probes and a FIM 3D. Since 2016, a new plateform for analysis of radiation material has came into service. Some powerful analysis instrument, such as TEM, FIB and sample preparation room with high level radiation protection have been equipped.

The team of instrument reaserach and developpment leaded by François Vurpillot (My thesis director) gain excellent reputation in atom probe community.  Figure 1 shows the new local electrode design in the analysis chamber of atom probe(developped during my thesis), which is dedicated to the research and developpement of atom probe.

This local electrode consists of a microstrip line and two UHV SMA cables. The bandwidth of this device is about 2GHz ensure transmitting high voltage pulse without distortion. More detail, please see

Figure 1 Analysis chamber of atom probe.

A new book of GPM by Williams Lefebvre (Editor), Francois Vurpillot (Editor), Xavier Sauvage (Editor) shown at the sidebar.


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