A 2-year post-doctoral position is opening in the “Virology Hepatology Cancer” Research Group in Paris, headed by Prof. Jean-Michel Pawlotsky, under the supervision of Dr Patrice Bruscella and Prof. Cyrille Féray.

Position: “Analysis of the pro- and anti-viral functions of KSRP during HCV infection and implication for other RNA viruses”


We recently uncovered that KSRP, a protein involved in cellular RNA metabolism, was a proviral host factor for Hepatitis C Virus infection. The proviral role of KSRP depends of its phosphorylated status. KSRP contains five residues that can be phosphorylated by cellular kinases (AKT, ATM and p38), whose activities are altered during HCV infection. We showed that viral-induced AKT activity was critical for the proviral signature of KSRP; however, this may not be the only interaction existing between KSRP and HCV. The aim of this research project is to study other KSRP phosphorylation sites, assert their pro- or anti-viral function and to validate these interactions in various cellular models.

The mechanisms characterized using HCV as model will be applied to other RNA virus. This new host-virus relationship could be interesting for discovering new panviral therapeutic combinations to treat other emerging viral infections. Finally, the potential application of this pathway as an adjunct with existing panviral therapeutic approaches such as Cyclophilin inhibitors- or Ribavirin-based treatment, will be assessed.

Candidates profile:

The ideal candidate should have recently obtained a PhD in virology, molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry or a related field.
Experience in eukaryotic cell culture, virus manipulation, protein biochemistry, protein-RNA and protein-protein interactions techniques, RNA analysis techniques (Northern Blot, RT-qPCR), molecular cloning techniques and immunofluorescence are highly desirable.
Candidate should have at least one first-author publication in peer-reviewed journals and experience in writing scientific articles and reports.
Written and spoken English will be highly appreciated.

Workplace: Paris-Créteil – FRANCE
Skill area: Biology, Medicine, Health – Molecular and cellular biology
Application deadline: 3/31/2017
Salary range: To negociate
Contact: patrice.bruscella@inserm.fr (send your CV and cover letter in pdf)
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