Title: “New power architectures using GaN/Si HEMTs devices for high frequency operations”


Power GaN devices open new prospect for power conversion. To take the most of benefit of these components, it is required to rethink the way to realize conversion architecture for power conversion. Indeed, it becomes necessary to perfectly control the parasitic effects that appear at high frequency and also manage the issues coming from high voltage and high current transients.

The expertise of CEA tech and LAAS-CNRS in the fields of power device components, power conversion and high frequencies are expected to bring out new design rules for power converters based on GaN components. In this project, the main challenge is to demonstrate the performance of these components by integrating them in innovative power conversion architecture.

The candidate should be less than 30 years old.

Workplace: Grenoble – FRANCE
Skill area: Electronics and microelectronics – optoelectronics
start date: As soon as possible
Salary range: To negociate
Contact: morancho@laas.fr (send your CV and cover letter in pdf)
phone number : +0033 5 61 33 64 88
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Dr. Lu