Salary: 35-45k€ / years
Employer: DeltaCAD
Location: Compiègne – France
Language: Fluent speaker of French and/or English
Employer information

DeltaCAD is a software company dedicated to scientific/technical applications :

  • product life management (PLM), with a great experience in physical simulation
  • (CAE) and geometrical modelisation (CAD).
  • engineering process management
  • simulation and management of industrial and natural risks


You participate in the realization of industrial software physics numerical simulation and support their use for our customes( support, training).

Your motivation and interpersonal skills will enable you to quickly become a project manager.

The position is based in Compiègne 45 minutes from Paris Nord, dynamic city (UTC and several industrial research center).


Training Engineer with 2-3 years of industrial experience or a PhD in the related area. You have strong knowledge of physics(mechanic, thermal) and applied mathematics, as well as experience in developement industry code of numerical simulation (design,specification, validation and ducumentation).

You master programming in Fortran, C/C++ and Python on linux, and the management tool( SVN, Git…). And the experience in Code_Aster and Salme-Meca is desired.


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