[PDF] A Verilog HDL Primer (second edition)

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Editorial Reviews

“”A Verilog HDL Primer” is really excellent” — Yang Cao, Lucent Technologies

“I have found the book easy to read, to the point, and an excellent reference” — Sharad Seth, University of Nebraska at Lincoln

“I read your books and I found them tremendously useful. Actually, these texts “A VHDL Primer” and “A Verilog HDL Primer” introduced me to VHDL and verilog respectly. The books were easy to read and understand. They are wonderful introductory texts. In fact, I still reference them. I would recommend them as text for a course as part of a freshmen’s Electrical Engineering curriculum” — Lincoln A. McLoud, Bell Labs

“I really considered your Verilog HDL Primer book as the best out of the four books I reviewed this semester” — Dr. Gabriel Thomas, University of Texas at El Paso

“In my current job where I need to create testcases in Verilog, I need a text where I can look in the index and reference quickly an example of a particular construct. That is what I like best about “A Verilog HDL Primer”. The index has an extensive list of the verilog constructs. The text has easy to understand examples of how the construct is used not just the BNF format. It has become the only verilog reference book that I use” — Jean Witinski, Lucent Technologies

“It is a good book overall. I think people will find it useful” — Gabe Moretti, VeriBest

“Like your books on VHDL and Synthesis, this book too is easy to read and understand” — Sanjana Nair

From the Back Cover
With this book, you can:

  • Learn Verilog HDL the fast and easy way.
  • Obtain a thorough understanding of the basic building blocks of Verilog HDL.
  • Find out how to model hardware.
  • Find out how to test the hardware model using a test bench.
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