Salary: ≥ 25K and < 35K gross per year
Location: Grenoble – France
Specialty: Physics – Chemistry
Application deadline: 14/04/2017

The group CREAB Symmes laboratory at CEA Grenoble has been developing for over ten years biosensors for applications in the biomedical field. Our expertise in surface plasmon resonance is widely recognized and we are developing parallel to this thematic research to develop new generations of biosensors, more versatile, more efficient, more accessible to users.

Description of the thesis topic

The health of an individual depends in many cases the flow of his immune response which organizes the defenses of the body against infections, is involved in the mechanisms of inflammatory diseases and autoimmune diseases, elimination of cancer cells, releases transplants … the precise definition of the functions of immune cells, including their secretions, of interest to both better diagnosis and adjustment of salaries. Current biosensors enable them study at the individual level but not within the same device, a cell (approximately 10 microns) and its secreted proteins (nanometer).
In Planarpore project launched in 2016, we brought together the expertise of three laboratories: the LAAS (Toulouse) specializing in microfabrication, IAB (Grenoble), a specialist in immunology and Symmes / CREAB, surface functionalization Specialist, design of biosensors. This project won funding from the National Research Agency, ANR. The design of multi-scale biosensors will be considered through inheritance restrictions of different sizes in microfluidic channels for the combined detection of cells and their secretions.

Located at CREAB, the PhD student (s) will participate in the electrochemical biofunctionalization restrictions and will be responsible for developing the electrical detection of cells and secretions in the microsystem, multidisciplinary work ranging from physics to manipulate objects organic. This generic biosensor dynamic multi-scale without marking detection can then extend to any other type of cell biological model / secretions and bacteria / toxins, and therefore cover a broad health applications panel.

Candidate profile

Chemist or physicist, the applicant(s) will be highly motivated by the multi-disciplinary and interface with biology. On the open-minded temperament, he / she will be able to communicate with all partners in the projects they are chemists, physicists and biologists.

Please send your CV and motivation letter to :

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