Research engineer position (junior researcher) in image processing and machine learning at CEA (Atomic Energy Commission), Fundamental Research Division, NeuroSpin neuroimaging center. The position is opened within the BrainOmics team. This team consists of 3 scientists + 2 postdocs + 1 or 2 PhD students for the research theme “imaging-genetics”.

Duration: 3 years


BrainOmics team is in charge of research and development in imaging-genetics. This domain borrows from neuroinformatics, bioinformatics and machine learning. NeuroSpin is an institute of CEA (Atomic Energy Commission) where very high field MRI are defined, developed and operated. The NeuroSpin teams use those imaging resources and others (EEG,MEG) to carry out studies in fundamental and clinical neurosciences. BrainOmics team is involved in several imaging genetic studies: collaboration Gustave Roussy, project INCa LOC-model, European projects IMI EU-AIMS ( or IMAGEN ( The Brainomics team confronts these in-house cohorts to Opendata cohorts (NDAR HCP, UKBioBank, AllenBrain, etc.)


The research engineer will join the NeuroSpin/BrainOmics team dedicated to neuroimaging-genetics. This team analyzes multi modal data to study new biomarkers and models of the brain. Applications are in fundamental neurosciences like brain development or clinical neurosciences in neuro-oncology or autism.
• He/she will pre-process structural, diffusion or functional MR neuroimaging data by adapting various state-of-the-art image processing pipelines like SPM, FSL, Nipy, BrainVisa, Freesurfer, pyRadiomics, Deepmedic etc.
• He/she will contribute to the extension of the imaging-genetics resource from the cohorts available at NeuroSpin (PiWS). He/she will build banks of rich and original features (phenomes) from the cohorts available at NeuroSpin.
• He/she will supervise the computation tasks involved in the phenomics-genomics integration analysis using state-of-the-art machine learning (scikit-learn, ParsimonY).

All the work will be performed in strong collaboration with the NeuroSpin analysis platform

Candidates profile:

  • MSc, PhD, engineering degree (Grandes Ecoles) in image/signal processing, statistics, machine learning


• First experience and interest in MR medical image analysis. First experience and interest in applied machine learning.
• Good programming skills in Python and high throughput computing.
• Interest in Neurosciences, neuroinformatics and bioinformatics.

Candidates demonstrating skills in one or the other domains and a motivated interest in innovative and interdisciplinary approaches are welcome.

The application (in french or english) should include a cover letter specifying your motivation and research experience as well as a CV. It should be sent to Vincent Frouin ( by email. Please feel free to contact if you have any questions.
Conditions: – Starting time: fall 2017 – Salary will be commensurate with experience Interviews of the applicants start by the end of August

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