We are looking for candidates with experience in oxide thin film deposition by PLD and/or magneto-optics. The candidate must have a PhD in a relevant field of Physics. His/her duties will include sample synthesis and optical measurements using a femtosecond laser. The materials of interest are antiferromagnets (AF) which will thus be deposited in thin film form and characterized. The goal of the proposed work is to affect the antiferromagnetic order in a controlled manner using either electric fields, strain, spin currents or heat. AF order will be imaged by second harmonic generation before and after each stimulus is applied. Measurements will also be carried out in time-resolved fashion using pump-probe measurements.

Candidates should send motivation letter and CV to Michel Viret (email: Michel.viret@cea.fr).

Project details: http://nanosaclay.fr/Phocea/Vie_des_labos/Ast/ast_theme.php?id_ast=113

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