Recently,the have been off-line for 7 days. It’s very long for a site. As shown below, any visiters can access!!!  ZERO during 7 DAYS.

Ok, Let’s see what was happen?

One day, precisely, the Oct. 6th ,  i received the mail about changing DNS from host1plus. com. Depending the mail description, i have to modified my DNS adresse by myself, because i bought my domain name ( from then it starts a nightmare.

First, i changed the DNS name in my gandi admin account using the new DNS name. Here, take a note: you need to wait for a propagation time up to 24h for DNS changing. That’s is to say, you can’t imediately check the change after the modification.

After the modification, i found the was out-off line(500 http error). I didn’t feel any surprise… Actually,  it’s a huge negligence.

But, when i checked it after one day, it was still outoff line. I was becoming worring.

I send a mail from my gandi control panel to the support and get the response that all the modification are OK. And also told me that the problem could be due to the incorect zone file. (The response of gandi is not fast, i get the response after 2 days :<). Then i asked my sharing host service, they also told me everything is OK (generally, you can get the response in the next day after you submit a ticket)… Attention, AD times! is not expensive, this point is important for personal site owner. And its speed is good. I choose the server location in USA west. You can choose the location depending on your target visiters’ location. I am not a IT guy, so i take simple sharing host for the start, it’s quit good for me.

Ok, we are back…..

Then, by searching the 500 http error, i found the wordpress plugin maybe cause this kind of error for wordpress blog system… and someone also have the same problem due to the WP cache plugin. (From this french forum , i got that active wordpress debug function, it’s desactived by default.

Change the false to  true in wp-config.php file. Then reload the site. You could get the debug report.

define(WP_DEBUG, false);

After that, I get the cause : the WP cache plugin. However, how can i desactive or delete the plugin?

Actually,you can delete the Wp plugin file by FTP in this path “yourwordpresswebsite/wp-content/plugins”.

Even if deleting this file, you have to remove some settings in the wp-settings.php depending on the errors appears on the top of the pages.

Finally, the is back.

PS: some knowlage about 500 error

Note: some others problems cause the 500 errors, like this link.


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