8 Tips for CST modeling

Tips for CST modeling

N° 1:  Delete some unnecessary parts and make model be simply, such as, only modeling the air part in the waveguide modeling, don’t need to draw the metal part.

N°2: Delete unnecessary details : far from the port (< lambda/8 ) or very small object (< lambda /20)

N°3: Avoid too close to two objects which will result in huge calculating because of the very fin mesh.

N°4: Minimize the use of real surfaces for curve boundaries with error< 2.5%.

N°5: Using periodic boundary or/and symmetry to minimize the question.

N°6: Try to reduce the air box and port length(“deembed” function).

N°7: Using “dummy” virtual object to optimize the mesh.

N°8: Try to using perfect material for calculating.

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