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Recently, the implementation of Si spin qubit on a foundry-compatible CMOS SOI platform was demonstrated, marking an important first step towards the realization of a Si-based quantum computer. In a quantum processor, qubits need to be individually addressed, i.e. initialized, manipulated, and measured. This large-scale parallelism seems hardly manageable without the use of co-integrated, or at least proximal, classical hardware. Therefore, extending the operation of both digital and analog Si electronics to temperatures as low as 4 K (and below) appears as an urgent task to undertake in parallel with qubit development. The overall scope of this post-doctoral project is to assess the potential of FDSOI for low-temperature electronics (digital and analog applications) and help developing a toolkit of 28FDSOI CMOS-based classical devices to be used as low-temperature peripheral electronics for improved qubit control and readout. The first objective of the work is to perform the measurements necessary to understand the electrical behavior of FDSOI CMOS transistors down to 4K. The second objective is to provide a large set of data to the Leti simulation group in order to build compact model libraries and Process Design Kit for 28FDSOI suitable down to 4K and below. Besides the collection of electrical data needed for compact model, the post-doctoral candidate will also experimentally investigate the electrical characteristics and performances of 28FDSOI transistors down to 4K, including mobility, noise, and thermal effects … The post-doctoral student will thus contribute to the constitution of a physics based and predictive compact model The work will be done in close collaboration with CEA Leti and INAC research teams.


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