Co-simulation between WAK solver and DESIGN STUDIO

Step 1:

Beam and Wakefield Simulation setup must be done from within PS project or in Problem Type Particle => Wakefield

Step 2:

The file needs to be an MWS file. If you have started from MWS, you just need to change the problem type to HF again.

Step 3:

The problem type has automatically changed when saving as MWS file.

Step 4:

Adding terminations to port

Step 5:

Add “New Task” then select “CST MWS co-simulator”.

Excitation cannot be influenced from DS, since it’s the beam.

Step 6:

Run from DS

Step 7 :


Or Starting directly from MWS

Assuming, we have started from an MWS file and switched the problem type. Then we can even under PS-WAK setup the Co-Simulation.

Message will be given, that HF-TD is started.

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