4 steps for development environnement of kityminder-editor

kityminder-editor is an open source project developped by FEX team. The core part is kityminder-core which can be download from GitHub.

Develop enviroment:

First step:  you have to install nodejs and npm , you can follow 6 step for npm bower install on win10 for the installation.

Second step:  Create a folder under the npm path (ex. c:/user/kitymindereditor), then, put all files of kityminder-editor download from GitHub.

Third step: launch Node.js command prompt, then enter into the path c:/user/kitymindereditor by the command > cd c:/user/kitymindereditor.  Under the path, you will initial the npm by this command > npm run init

Last,  you can develop from the index.html under the path (c:/user/kitymindereditor) . Enjoy it.

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